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 ISC Alameda Coast Guard Base in Alameda, CA California Military Bases


Integrated Support Command Alameda is a wide installation located in the western part of California, in Alameda. The base belongs to the United States Coast Guard. It is located on a small island that can also be accessed through a long bridge. Coast Guard Island, as it is referred to, spreads over almost 70 acres and is located in the historic part of the city. It hosts multiple US Coast Guard installations. The facility supports the western part of the country only.


ISC Alameda supports all the missions conducted by the US Coast Guard, as well as all the other similar installations in its closeness. There are plenty of services performed there with the one and only purpose to support the armed force. One of the most important objectives is to deal with the local housing facilities for the units deployed from other parts of the country. There are around 1,200 units the officials are responsible for. They are maintained at the highest standards, only to help the new troops and their civilian families adapt easier to a new lifestyle.


The warehousing is another important mission of this installation. There are plenty of missions in the US Coast Guard that require this service and since this facility supports a lot of tenants and units, it is an excellent asset. As for the military troops, the health care service is another very important aspect. It is among the most important facilities. Whether you count the general health care clinic or the dental one, they are properly maintained for a good service. The services or the personnel support ones are widely varied and count a lot of offices and centers for everyone to benefit from. As for the recreational activities, there are snack bars, restaurants, shopping centers, basketball courts, fitness clubs, society centers, community clubs and so on. As if all these were not enough, the nearby human communities have anything else. All these facilities are well maintained for the civilian individuals and the military troops to enjoy.


With all these, the life at ISC Alameda is not all about relaxation and recreational activities. The United States Coast Guard is responsible for search and rescue operations, environmental protection and law enforcement missions, therefore the troops are always ready to step in whenever the situation occurs. The center is open 24/7 to take over any potential emergency.



ISC Alameda hosts a few important units and a lot of associate tenants that are temporarily deployed there. Among the most important units, you can count the 11-th District, the Pacific Area command and a few tenants it supports, the 1-st Training Team, the San Francisco Sector or the naval engineering and electronics support units. The island also hosts six cutters. They are operated by the US Coast Guard and not by ISC Alameda only. They support all the actions in the area – Stratton, Boutwell, Morgenthau, Sherman, Waesche and Bertholf. Overall, a tight collaboration of all those units and installations on Coast Guard Island make this place extremely important for this armed force.

 ISC Alameda Coast Guard Base on map