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 Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base in Dublin, CA California Military Bases


Camp Parks (PRFTA) is one of the less active bases within the United States, but one of the oldest ones in the area. Located in the eastern side of San Francisco, the base can be described as a sleeping giant. It is currently semi-active, but always ready to wake up whenever a war or a natural disaster strikes in.



The purpose and objectives of this camp have constantly changed since it was first established. It was built in 1943 only for the Navy and for the World War II operations. Soon after the war ended, the army decided to disestablish the base and all its complementary camps. It was then the host of the most ferocious criminals and murderers around California, as a very safe and strict prison. Not more than 15 years later, in 1959, the army decided to turn this base into a fully operable one and gained back the control over it. However, the operations remained in a stand-by situation until 1980. It then became semi-active.


Ever since then, the camp actively participated to operations like the Korean or Vietnam wars, not to mention about the more recent activities in the Arabian world.



Except from the times when it was used as a prison, the objectives of Camp Parks never changed. It usually concentrates on training and preparing new recruits for potential conflicts. Other than that, it also deals with the administration and service of regular operational missions.


There are currently about 10 units hosted at the camp, such as the 91st Division, the 104-th Division or the Navy Seabees. There are also intelligence units, like the Western Army Reserve Intelligence Support Center. All of them are in a stand-by mode and only perform safe and low level operations.


There are around 11,000 soldiers living in the camp. The number goes higher when other units get here for their annual training cycles. Such cycles usually last 14 days. The temporary citizens are normally hosted in hotels.


Camp Parks cannot brag to be one of the most evolved and upgraded camps throughout the United States. It is, however, a camp that aims to reach there. The soldiers can now rely on facilities like history centers, training and fitness services, schools, administrative offices, dining and lodging buildings and so on. At the same time, the government is currently investing money in the camp, preparing the field for other new and modern facilities.


Due to the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) project, the camp was given enough funds to raise high quality homes for the soldiers and their families. At the same time, the old buildings are supposed to be upgraded. The RCI project supports the building of 45 installations, which means that soon enough, over 99% of the soldiers will have their own homes. For now, Camp Parks (PRFTA) has 114 buildings only. Most newcomers are hosted at a hotel until the transition is complete.


Overall, the project looks encouraging and although the base is semi-active, it aims to provide its workers with the best living conditions.

Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base in Dublin on map