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Denali  National Park on the map. How to get by car to the Denali  National Park, Alaska. How to book a room and its price in the Denali  National Park


Denali  National Park & Preserve

In south-central Alaska


Denali, the "High One," is the name the Athabascan people gave to Mt. McKinley (20,320 feet), the massive peak that crowns the 600-mi Alaska Range. The parks 6.1 million acres include countless other spectacular mountains and large glaciers. Denali encompasses a complete subarctic ecosystem, which is populated with grizzly bears, wolves, Dall sheep, caribou, and moose. Mt. McKinley National Park was established in 1917 and designated an international biosphere reserve in 1976. The park s name was changed to Denali and it was tripled in size with the addition of new park and preserve lands in 1980.



Backpacking, bicycling, bus touring, cross-country skiing (backcountry permit required; see below), dog mushing, hiking (backcountry permit required, see below), mountaineering (permit required, see below), snowmobiling, snowshoeing, stargazing, wildlife viewing. Facilities: 2 visitor centers: Denali (mile 237, George Parks Hwy), Eielson (mile 66, Denali Park Rd.); Talkeetna Mountaineering Center ranger station. Bookstores. Programs & Events: Ranger and naturalist programs (mostly June-Aug.). Tips & Hints: Main visitor season and best weather late May-early Sept. Plan to spend at least one day to tour the park road by shuttle or tour bus, several days for hiking. Get reservations for camping and shuttle to avoid one- to two-day wait for bus availability during peak season. Bring rain gear and hiking boots in summer when weather is cool and damp. Bring specialized cold-weather gear for winter visits, when temperatures drop to -40°F or lower. Read Mountaineering: Denali National Park and Preserve to begin planning mountain climbs in the park. Busiest July and Aug., least crowded Jan. and Feb.



Camping: 6 campgrounds in the park: Igloo Creek (mile 34, Park Rd.; 7 sites; $13; pit toilets), Riley Creek (park entrance; 100 sites; $12-$18; flush toilets), Sanctuary River (mile 23, Park Rd.; 7 sites; $13; pit toilets), Savage River (mile 13, Park Rd.; 36 sites; $18; flush toilets), Teklanika River (mile 29, Park Rd.; 53 sites; $20; flush toilets), Wonder Lake (mile 85, Park Rd.; 28 sites; $20; flush toilets). Backcountry camping available (permit required, see below). In Healy: McKinley RV Park & Campground (mile 248.5, George Parks Hwy., tel. 907/683-2379 or 800/478-2562; 89 sites; $24-$29; flush toilets, showers, hook-ups). EI Hotels: In the park: Camp Denali (mile 89, Park Rd., tel. 907/683-2290; 17 cabins; $1,200-$1,600 for 3 days, including meals, transportation, and guided outings; closed mid-Sept.-June), Denali Backcountry Lodge (mile 89, Park Rd., tel. 907/783-1342 or 800/841-0692; 30 cabins; $290-$510, including meals and transportation; closed mid-Sept-early June), North Face Lodge (mile 89, Park Rd., tel. 907/683-2290; 15 rooms; $1,200 for 3 days, including meals, transportation, and guided outings; closed mid-Sept.-June). Nearby: Denali Princess Wilderness  Lodge (1 mi north of park entrance, tel. 907/683-2283 or 800/462-0500; 353 rooms; $179; closed mid-Sept-mid-May), Perch Cabins (mile 224, George Parks Hwy., tel. 888/322-2523; 20 cabins; $65-$95). In Healy: Motel Nord Haven (mile 249.5, George Parks Hwy., tel. 907/683-4500 or 800/683-4501; 28 rooms; $65-$140). X Restaurants: None in park. Nearby: The Perch Restaurant (mile 224 on George Parks Hwy., tel. 907/683-2523; $10-$15), McKinley-Denali Salmon Bake (1 mi north of park entrance, tel. 907/683-2733; $8-$ 13; closed Oct.-Apr.). In Healy: Totem Inn (mile 248.7, George Parks Hwy., tel. 907/683-2420; $5-$ 10). Groceries & Gear: In the park: Riley Creek Mercantile (park entrance, tel. 907/683-9246). In Healy: Lynx Creek General Store (mile 238, George Parks Hwy., tel. 907/683-2548).



Entrance fee: $10 per family, $5 per person. Fees vary for shuttle (reservations available, tel. 907/272-7275 or 800/622-7275, fax 907/ 264-4684) and tour bus service (tel. 800/276-7234). Backcountry permits required (free). Camper bus pass ($22.50) needed to reach most backcountry sites. Mountaineering permit registration packets must be submitted 60 days in advance ($150). No snowmobiling in wilderness core area of park and preserve. Park open daily. Denali Visitor Center open late May-mid-Sept., daily 7 am-8 pm. Winter headquarters open mid-Sept.-early May, daily 8-4:30. Eielson Visitor Center open June-mid-Sept., daily 9-7.



Denali is accessible by car or the Alaska Railroad (tel. 907/265-2494 or 800/544-0552) from Anchorage and Fairbanks. In summer, a variety of private bus and van services and the railroad operate daily from Anchorage and Fairbanks. The park and preserve is on Rte. 3 (George Parks Hwy.), 240 mi north of Anchorage, 125 mi south of Fairbanks, and 12 mi south of Healy. The Denali Park Rd. is accessible by private vehicle for 15 mi to the Savage River Bridge. Shuttles and tour buses travel farther into the park. Mountaineering headquarters is in Tal-keetna, 100 mi north of Anchorage. Closest airport: Fairbanks.



Denali National Park & Preserve (Box 9, Denali Park, AK 99755, tel. 907/683-2294, fax 907/683-9612). Talkeetna Mountaineering Center (Box 588, Talkeetna, AK 99676, tel. 907/733-2231). Healy Chamber of Commerce (Box 437, Healy, AK 99743, tel. 907/683-4636).


Denali  National Park. How to get by car to the Denali  National Park. How to book a room and its price in the Denali  National Park

Denali  National Park on the map. How to get by car to the Denali  National Park, Alaska. How to book a room and its price in the Denali  National Park