Mountain Training Center Marine Corps Pickel Meadows on map

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 Mountain Training Center Marine Corps Pickel Meadows, CA California Military Bases


Mountain Training Center is a military facility located in a hardly accessible area in California. It is located in the Tolyabe Forest, about 30 kilometers away from Bridgeport. The base was established with the clear purpose to train elite forces in the harshest environments. It is operated by the United States Marine Corps.


Mountain Training Center is open for both group or individual training sessions, depending on the situation. Aside from the United States Marine Corps, the base also supports other armed forces in the country, not to mention about the allied countries. It provides full support to the Department of Defense too. Its general mission is to train the finest experts in a mountainous environment, with extreme weather conditions and at a high altitude. The base supports all the equipments and techniques required for such environments. It is engaged in the warring doctrine.


Aside from the training missions, there are also a few units deployed there permanently. The installation officials try their best in providing the best quality facilities on site. The environment is not that user friendly, therefore the facilities aim to raise to the highest expectations.


Mountain Training Center is located in the middle of nowhere, in a national forest. It is an isolated military installation established in 1951. The base was specifically opened to deal with the Korean War. Since the weather in Korea was not too friendly, the troops were not really used to it. This is how the base showed up. Its primary mission was to prepare the military troops in a similar environment under cold and wet conditions.


Soon after the Korean War reached to an end, the base activity was not as intense anymore. The local training facility was benefiting from a small school too. The expansion began in the early ’60s. As the school was getting larger, the site was renamed in 1963 to Mountain Warfare Training Center, in order to better describe the activities. The ’80s brought in a new increase in the local activity, as both NATO and the United States Marine Corps deployed troops in Norway. The weather is constantly under the general limit in Norway, therefore such intense training sessions became mandatory.


These days, the activity at Mountain Training Center is still up. Starting with 2001, the war on terrorism has kept the base officials busy. Although most of the operations are taken in relatively hot environments, the training sessions are just as important. Most of the troops are sent to Afghanistan for the peacekeeping operations.



The tenants on site and the excellent training environment make Mountain Training Center a perfect place. The facility can support both permanent and temporary training missions. It can deal with more than 1,200 units at the same time, although the capacity can be increased if an emergency occurs. Other than that, the base also hosts a US Navy hospital, a theater, stables, small ranges, rock climbing sites and housing opportunities for the permanent troops. All in all, the base is as complete as it can be.

Mountain Training Center Marine Corps Pickel Meadows on map