Nellis Air Force Base in Clark on map

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Nellis Air Force Base in Clark on map


Nellis AFB

Nellis Air Force Base in Clark, NV Nevada Military Bases


Nellis Air Force Base is one of the Air Force bases controlled by the ACC – Air Combat Nevada. It is in the immediate proximity of Las Vegas, around 11 km, in the southern side of Nevada. The base provides full support and equipments for pretty much any type of aircraft owned by the Air Force. It is a multi-functional base and among the most complete military bases in the United States of America. Various troops from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps also use this ground for training activities, not to mention about allied forces from all over the world. Besides, the base is involved in multiple humanitarian and rescue operations from all over the world. It is popular in the area for the yearly demonstrations of force and creativity. It covers over 14000 acres and supports more squadrons and units than any other Air Force base in the world. These days, there are more than 12000 employees, both civilians and military personnel.


Nellis AFB was named in the memory of William Harrell Nellis, who died in 1944. The lieutenant was shot three times throughout his career, but he always managed to cheat death. He was not so lucky during his 70-th mission, when he was killed in a plane crash in December, 1944. The base was renamed in 1950, after it was initially established as Las Vegas Army Airfield.


The Air Corps were looking for a perfect spot even since the ’30s. The initial base was nothing but a dirt runaway with a whell next to it. After a complete buildup, the base was officially opened in 1941, when the first unit – the 79-th Air Base Group – arrived there. The base population doubled within a month, representing a fulminating start. By the time of the attacks over Pearl Harbor, the base hosted not more than 27 planes. As a quick preparation for war, the training sessions and courses were shortened in order to “release” more troops. The students were going through a 35 days course before being sent to war. Almost 1000 troops – both co-pilots and gunnery experts – graduated from the base at every 5 weeks. Throughout the war, 45000 gunners were sent to war after graduating from the school here. More schools and units were hosted at the base throughout its history. With all this variety and changes, it didn’t lose its importance in time. It played a major role in the most active wars of the United States in the 20-th century.


Nellis Air Force Base is called home by the Warfare Center of the Air Force, the 99-th Air Base Wing, the 65-th Aggressor Squadron and the 57-th Wing, among others. The base also hosts a few tenant and associate units.


The students attending any of the schools at Nellis Air Force Base are hosted automatically, while the single soldiers or those who bring in their families will accommodate through a housing system based on applications.

Nellis AFB


Known as the”Home of the Fighter Pilot,” Nellis Air Force Base is home to the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center, located just minutes from Sin City in Clark County, Nevada. Nellis is the largest demanding air combat training facility in the world. The base operator’s phone number is 702-652-1110 or DSN 312-682-1110.



The history of Nellis AFB began with a survey in October 1940, by Major David M. Schlatter of the Army Air Corps, who examined various sites in the southwest in search of a location for an aerial gunnery school. Las Vegas was attractive with its clear weather and year-round flying conditions, and the then-impoverished city was eager for a military base. On January 2, 1941, the city bought an airstrip run by Western Air Express and leased it to the Air Corps three days later, the plan being to use the strip for both military and civilian aircraft.


Construction of the “Las Vegas Army Air Field” began in March 1941, and the first commander, Colonel Martinus Stenseth, arrived in May. Much of the early gunnery training which began in January 1942, used machine guns mounted in trucks and targets on railroad cars to accustom students to firing at a moving target. World War II made the base’s mission especially urgent and by the end of 1942, 9,117 gunners had graduated, with aircraft in use including Martin B-10s, AT-6s, A-33s, B-17 Flying Fortresses, B-24 Liberators, and B-26 Marauders. At the height of training in 1943 and 1944, over 15,000 men and women were at the base. Actors Ronald Reagan and Burgess Meredith came to help produce the propaganda film Rear Gunner. Much of the training was for B-17 gunners, then at the beginning of 1945, emphasis shifted to the B-29 Superfortress. An innovation was the use of a specially-designed target aircraft, the RP-63, which was sufficiently armored to be shot at with breakable bullets. At war’s end, the school had trained over 45,000 B-17 gunners, and over 3,000 for the B-29. The gunnery school closed in September 1945, and the base itself was officially inactivated in January 1947.



The United States Air Force Warfare Center exists to ensure when our country chooses to deploy forces into a combat arena we send them well trained and well equipped to conduct integrated combat operations.  From our testing and tactics development programs to our training schools and venues we provide a means to equip the force with proven technology, the most current tactics, superb academic training and a unique opportunity to practice integrated force employment.  The USAF Warfare Center vision, mission statement and focus areas are central to fulfilling our role in aiding Air Combat Command’s mission to provide unrivaled combat forces.


Population Served

Because of Nellis’ good year-round flying weather and location, it is an ideal place for advanced combat aviation training. There are approximately 11,000 military and 3,700 civilians who work at Nellis. On average there are over 1,200 temporary duty (TDY) personnel each day at Nellis, and over 8,000 official visitors annually.


Base Transportation

Transportation is available for permanent party personnel for official use. For more information and policies contact Vehicle Dispatch at 702-652-8305 or DSN 312-682-8305.



Air Force Permanent Party personnel should contact your unit Commander’s Support Staff for a sponsor. If you did not receive a sponsor, contact the Nellis AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center for assistance; 702-652-3327 or DSN 312-682-3327.


Department of Defense civilians should contact your selecting official or personnel office for a sponsor. If you did not receive a sponsor, contact the Nellis AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center for assistance at 702-652-3327 or DSN 312-682-3327 or visit the AFPC PCS webpage.


Until you get a permanent address your mail may be forwarded to: Last Name, First Name, MI 3500 Postal Service Center (must be spelled out) Nellis AFB, NV 89191-0045. Upon arrival, pick up mail at the Postal Service Center co-located with the on base U.S. Post Office in Bldg. 320. Newcomers may fax their PCS orders to the Postal Service Center at DSN 682-2112, commercial 702-652-2112. The voice number is DSN 312-682-8824, commercial 702-652-8824.


Temporary Quarters

You can make your own arrangements for temporary lodging by calling the Lodging Office, 702-652-2711 or DSN 312-682-2711. Be sure to let the Lodging Office know if your arrival date changes and have your confirmation number handy.


Relocation Assistance

Be sure to stop by the Airman and Family Readiness Center(A&FRC) for information on schools, utility companies, neighborhoods, etc. Take advantage of Childcare for PCS, an Air Force Aid Society program and get 20 hours of free childcare prior to leaving your current duty station and another 20 hours at your gaining base. At Right Start, newcomers will increase their knowledge of Nellis and the local community, and they can visit many agencies at the Information Fair. The A&FRC encourages spouses to attend Whazzup Nellis Newcomer Spouses Orientation to learn more about the programs and services available at Nellis. You can reach the A&FRC at 702-652-3327 or DSN 312-682-3327.


If you need dishes, pot and pans, aero-beds, car seats, strollers or other light housekeeping items until your things arrive, you may borrow them from the Loan Closet located at the A&FRC.


Critical Installation Information

Everyone at Nellis plays a vital role in molding its aerial forces into the “toughest kid on the block.” The work is hard, the hours are sometimes long and the temperatures soar during summer months. Nevertheless, Nellis AFB and the Las Vegas Valley are great places to live and work. This area has some of the best entertainment and recreation in the world including fishing, water sports, and mountains which are only a short drive away. And nothing can beat the pride of being a member of the busiest air combat base in the world.


Personal Security

    a. Try to live in a gated community. This reduces crime significantly. Some of our local apartments and condos are now gated and have reduced their vehicle thefts/break-ins significantly.

    b. Always park your vehicle in a well lit parking area.  Look for security camera coverage and park in the zone of camera coverage whenever possible.

    c. Street bikes are high theft vehicles in Las Vegas.

    d. Don’t store anything of value in your vehicle overnight. It will probably not be there in the morning if it is valuable.

    e. Car thefts are rampant. Have a car alarm and also put a steering wheel lock like “The Club” on your vehicle as they are rarely stolen when locks are applied.

    f. If you have a newer car, ensure you park it in a garage overnight whenever possible.

    g. Armed robberies in the area have targeted mothers with infants, people with bags in their hands, and older persons. Robbers are looking for someone who will not resist. These robberies normally occur in shopping areas.  Be aware of your surroundings and look for people who may be loitering in the parking lots. Don’t be afraid to ask for a store worker to escort you to your car if you are concerned. If someone is loitering near your car, go back in the store and request security assistance.

    h. Report off-base thefts to your supervisor and your unit first sergeant. They work together with Security Forces to identify and trend high crime areas of concern.

    i. Always report robbery or violent crime, even if it occurs off base, to Security Forces at 702-652-2311.

    j. Report any discrimination or predatory business practices to your unit first sergeant. They help provide information to the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board (AFDCB). The AFDCB works with local businesses and assists the


Contact Information

Adult Education Centers