NWS Seal Beach Navy Base in Seal Beach on map

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NWS Seal Beach Navy Base in Seal Beach, CA California Military Bases


Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach is one of the military facilities with multiple detachments. It is located in Seal Beach, in the southwestern part of California. All of its three detachments are located in the same state, in San Diego, Concord and Fallbrook. The one in San Diego is the most important one. The base doesn’t have too much more to see, since the latest BRAC – Base Realignment and Closure – commission put it on a closing list. Some parts of it were already closed or transferred to other stations. For instance, the Tidal Area was taken over by the United States Army.


NWS Seal Beach is currently run and maintained by the United States Navy and covers around 21 square kilometers. There are almost 250 buildings in there, not to mention about more than 125 storage sites. The station also owns over 200 trucks and machines for transportation.


The primary mission of NWS Seal Beach is to deal with munitions and weapons. It is used for both storing and transporting the weaponry, depending on the US Navy requirements. Other than that, the installation has the incumbency to support the US Navy in any possible way, regardless of the actions. As long as it can be done, it will be done.


Besides, the inhabitants have always been among the officials’ priorities. If people enjoy a happy lifestyle, things always go smoothly, therefore the facilities and services on site are among the most modern ones. The base doesn’t have too much more to “live”, but this doesn’t mean that it will ignore its inhabitants for the rest of its time. It may not be disestablished, but just taken over by other military forces, so the living conditions are maintained at high standards.

Recreational Facilities

The military purposes and characteristics of NWS Seal Beach are obvious. However, this doesn’t mean that people should not be entertained. One of the most popular recreational spots is the National Submarine Memorial. There are more such memorials in the United States of America. This one is for the western side of the country and it is dedicated to the World War II heroes. The memorial was raised for the victims of the war, especially those who lost their lives while in the submarines the United States of America lost. There were 52 submarines lost during the war. They were home for more than 3,000 military troops. A similar memorial was raised for the victims of the Cold War. Both these monuments are located at the entrance of the base. They are opened for everyone, regardless of the status.


The National Wildlife Refuge located inside NWS Seal Beach is another great touristic attraction that can always entertain both civilians and military troops looking for relaxation. The refuge is actually a marsh that spreads over 4 square kilometers. It is not in the best shape though. However, the local authorities have adopted a comprehensive program to reestablish the damaged areas that were ignored over the years. At the same time, the area is being cleaned in an attempt to eliminate all the hazards that harm the beauty of this natural place.

NWS Seal Beach Navy Base in Seal Beach on map