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 Presidio Of Monterey Army Base in Monterey, CA California Military Bases


Presidio of Monterey, California is an active military base in Monterey run by the US Army. It is among the oldest in the area and has tight connection with the Spanish times.


The Spanish orders were clear in the 18-th century. The troops had to conquer the American continent in the name of their king. The same orders applied to Jose de Galvez in 1768. It took the Spanish forces two years to take control of both Monterey and San Diego. The expedition was not too big, but the inhabitants were not fully prepared either. It was led by Gaspar de Portola. A few years later, Monterey became one of the famous presidios, or forts. The unit inhabiting it counted not more than 56 troops. One of the worst moments in its history took place in 1818, when the one and only pirate of California – Hipolito Bouchard – took a raid over the fort and evacuated it.


The Americans took over the base in 1846 during the war with Mexico. The assault was led by John D. Sloat. After taking over the control, he left a few Marines to deal with the area and improve it for the potential upcoming attacks. The fort was renamed in the memory of one of the captains who helped with the assault – Fort Mevine.


In 1848, the gold discoveries in California took everyone’s minds. Most soldiers deserted while looking for a better life and started digging for gold. The base was basically abandoned and disestablished. About 200 soldiers reactivated it after the American Civil War. In 1903, a few cavalry units got there and renamed the fort to what it is today, then set up a real camp and began recruiting and training personnel.


During World War I, Presidio de Monterey hosted a musketry school and a cooking one. In 1917, the US Army decided to prepare better for the war and purchased almost 16000 more acres close to the post, with the precise orders to expand and improve it. The extra land was later turned into a new fort – Fort Ord.


After World War II ended, the fort became an additional base for Fort Ord, which was stronger and larger. It didn’t last too much though. In 1994, the American government decided to shut down Fort Ord. In other words, it was the independence move for Monterey, which became a separate base again.


These days, Presidio of Monterey hosts 4 units. The most important one is the 229-th Military Intelligence Battalion, with subgroups like Alpha, Bravo, Delta or Foxtrot. Other units include the 517-th Training Group, the Information Domination Unit and the Marine Corps Detachment.


The housing system at Presidio of Monterey is dealt with by the Residential Housing Communities Initiative, in a tight connection with the US Army. It is responsible for building, leasing and selling homes in the camp.


Since the space is limited, it might be a good idea to get in touch with this office early.

 Presidio of Monterey Army Base in Monterey on map