Sierra Army Depot Army Base in Herlong on map

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Sierra Army Depot Army Base in Herlong, CA California Military Bases


Base Contact Information


Sierra Army Depot: 530-827-4343, DSN-312-855-4343


Public Lodging: 530-827-4662, DSN-312-855-4154


ID and Visitors Information: 530-827-4108

Geography and Area Information


The Sierra Army Depot is located at 40°15′58.19″N 120°09′09.43″W in the unincorporated community of Herlong California directly off of State Highway 395 and covers 36,000 acres (56.25sqmi). Due to the nature of the Depots mission the installation is located in a rather remote section of California. The Sierra Army Depot lies just north of Patton Village and Highway 395 and the northern border lies at the base of Hot Springs Peak, a 7654ft mountain in the Skedaddle Wilderness Study Area. The Eastern border is marked by the California Nevada State line and the western border marked by the dry lakebed of Honey Lake. The terrain of the Sierra Army Depot is composed primarily of arid Great Basin desert that quickly transitions into the mountains of the Skedaddle Wilderness Study Area to the northeast. Temperatures in this area can swing dramatically year round with summer daytime temperatures reaching well into the triple digits and nighttime temperatures approaching freezing.



The Sierra Army Depot was established in 1942 to be storage facility for general supplies and Treasury Department material. The location was picked for its proximity to the coast while still being far enough inland to avoid potential Japanese attack and arid climate. Following World War II the mission of the Sierra Army Depot was expanded to include munitions, both live and demilitarized for the Korean War conflict. Throughout the Vietnam War and well into Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom the Sierra Army Depot played a vital role in shipping containers of supplies overseas as its mission expanded to include tactical vehicles, both wheeled and tracked, fuel systems, hospital supplies and maintenance equipment.

Primary and Ancillary functions


The primary mission of the Sierra Army Depot is to be a rapid deployment center for in country Department Of The Army facilities in addition to providing logistical support and long term sustainment for expeditionary Army and Joint Force personal across the globe. The Sierra Army Depot is currently the largest Army facility tasked with equipment reutilization, retrograde and redistribution. The Depot is also designated by the Department Of The Army as the Center for Industrial Technical Excellence for all water and petroleum distribution centers.


To support its role as the largest asset reutilization, retrograde and redistribution facility the Sierra Army Depot boasts one of the largest maintenance capabilities in the Army. The Sierra Army Depot has facilities and capabilities for Mig, Tig and Arc welding, painting, media blasting, care of supplies in storage (COSIS), rebuild and reset fabrication, corrosion control and machining.


Assets and equipment are deployed from the Sierra Army Depot by a massive transportation network consisting of commercial and military aircraft, trucks and rail. The Sierra Army Depot can service all of these transportation methods through a fleet of trucks, rail access and the Amedee Army Airfield.

Public Access


Due to the nature of the Sierra Army Depot public access is limited. Non-military personal can fill out a visitor request form found here. When completed the form can be faxed to 530 827-4675 and must be submitted a minimum of 48hrs prior the requested visit time.

Sierra Army Depot Army Base in Herlong on map