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Travis Air Force Base is military base in California


Travis Air Force Base

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California


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    Phone: (707) 424-2798

    Longitude:     -121.945839

    Latitude:     38.258806

    DSN:     837-1110


Travis AFB is located at San Francisco Bay Area was constructed in June 1942 under the name of Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base with the main intention to station the medium attack bombers at the air base. There was a time when the outline of the deck of the air carriers was painted in the runway thus, helping the new Navy pilots flying the F6F Hellcats and SB2C Helldivers in their landing and takeoff practices before they were assigned to fly the Pacific Fleet.


It was renamed Travis AFB in honor of Brigadier General Robert F. Travis who was killed in an airplane crash five minutes after take off  along with 18 others. Aboard the aircraft were the 5000 pounds of high explosives which exploded 20 minutes after the crash.  Because of the accessibility of the air base to railway, highway, water transportation and the fact that it is near San Francisco makes the base a good prospect to be the key aerial port and supply transfer point for the Pacific War Zone.


Also known as the Gateway to the Pacific, this air base is managed by Air Mobility Command and at present the base for the 60th Air Mobility Wing and the 349th Air Mobility Wing. It was on 1997 that the 60 AMW discard its C-141 aircraft which were transferred to other Air Force units, AFRC and the air National Guard wings, leaving the C-5 and KC-10 aircrafts. Last August 2006, C-17 Globemaster III was added as the third type of aircraft in the 60 Air Mobility Wing and the 349 Air Mobility Wing.


The air base manages most of the cargo and passenger traffic than any other military air bases in the country.  It gives assistance to various humanitarian airlift operations in the country and around the world. Today, Travis Air Force Base has 7000 active USAF military personnel, 4,000 reserve personnel and 3,770 civilians.

Travis Air Force Base is military base in California