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Map of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Map of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon
Detailed large scale map of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon state USA.
How to get to the Park and where to stay for the night. What to see in the Park and where you can relax in nature among the trees by the water.
Main attractions of the Park:
Oregon Crater Lake National Park map
Crater Lake National Park. How to get by car to the Crater Lake  National Park. How to book a room and its price in the Crater Lake  National Park. OREGON    
Crater Lake National Park In southern Oregon,  60 mi northwest of Klamath Falls
Crater Lake is one of the most famous lakes on Earth,  principally because of its unusual blue color and its mountain setting.  At a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United  States and the seventh deepest in the world, and it holds the world  record for natural water clarity. The mature forests that surround  Crater Lake are largely untouched. The park was established on May 22,  1902.    
Auto and boat touring, cross-country skiing (rentals, Klamath  Falls, Medford), hiking. Facilities: 2 visitor centers: Steel and Rim  Village (summer only), wayside exhibits, film. Map sale areas, picnic  areas, post office. Programs & Events: Campfire programs, geology  and natural-history walks (late June-Labor Day, daily), boat tours (late  June-mid-Sept), snowshoe walks (late Nov.-Mar.). Tips & Hints: Go  early July-late Sept. to avoid snow, mid-July-early Aug. for  wildflowers. Busiest July and Aug., least crowded Dec.-Feb.    
Camping: 2 campgrounds in the park: Lost Creek (16 tent sites;  $10; pit toilets; closed Oct.-June), Mazama (211 sites; $16-$21; flush  toilets, showers, hook-ups; closed early Oct.-mid-June,). Backcountry  camping allowed (permit required, see below). In Fort Klamath: Crater  Lake Resort (50711 Rte. 62, tel. 541/381-2349; 26 sites; $20; flush  toilets, showers, hook-ups).  Hotels: In the park: Crater Lake Lodge  (tel. 541/830-8700; 71 rooms; $123-$170; closed mid-Oct.-mid-May),  Mazama Village Motor Inn (tel. 541/830-8700; 40 rooms; $101; closed  early Oct.-early June). X Restaurants: In the park: Dining Room at  Crater Lake Lodge (tel. 541/594-2255; $6-$13; closed mid-Oct.-mid-May).   Groceries & Gear: In the park: Mazama Village (tel. 541/594-2255  Ext. 3703). In Fort Klamath: Fort Klamath General Store (52620 Rte. 62,  tel. 541/381-2263).    
Entrance fee: $10 per car, $5 for cyclists and walk-ins.  Backcountry permits required (free). No bicycles or off-road vehicles  allowed off paved roads. Leashed pets allowed in front country only. No  private boats. No wildlife feeding or hunting. No climbing or hiking  inner caldera walls except on Cleetwood Cove Trail. Park open daily.  Steel Visitor Center open early Apr.-early Nov., daily 9-5; early  Nov.-early Apr., daily 10-4. Rim Village Visitor Center open June-Sept.,  daily 9:30-5.    
Take Rte. 62, 60 mi northwest of Klamath Falls and 80 mi northeast of Medford. Closest airports: Medford, Klamath Falls.    
Crater Lake National Park (Box 7, Crater Lake, OR 97604, tel. 541/ 594-3100, fax 541/594-3010).    
Crater Lake National Park. How to get by car to the Crater Lake  National Park. How to book a room and its price in the Crater Lake  National Park
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