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Map of state of USA with time zone. Color easy read map of  time zone state of USA. Free map of time zone of United States

United States time zones

Standard time zones in the United States are currently defined at the federal level by law 15 USC §260.[1] The federal law also establishes the transition dates and times at which daylight saving time occurs, if observed. It is ultimately the authority of the Secretary of Transportation, in coordination with the states, to determine which regions will observe which of the standard time zones and if they will observe daylight saving time.[2] As of August 9, 2007, the standard time zones are defined in terms of hourly offsets from UTC.[3] Prior to this they were based upon the mean solar time at several meridians 15° apart west of Greenwich (GMT).

Only the full-time zone names listed below are official; abbreviations are by common use conventions, and duplicated elsewhere in the world for different time zones.

The United States uses nine standard time zones. As defined by US law[4] they are:

    Atlantic Time Zone

    Eastern Time Zone

    Central Time Zone

    Mountain Time Zone

    Pacific Time Zone

    Alaska Time Zone

    Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone

    Samoa Time Zone (UTC−11)

    Chamorro Time Zone (UTC+10)

Map of states of USA with time zone. Color easy read map of time zone states of USA. Free time zone map of United States